Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Almost famous

As the New of the World scandal unfolded, al Jazeera sought "analysis" from anti-Murdoch crusader Antony Loewenstein. The interview, uploaded to You Tube on 8 July, has so far been viewed an astonishing 266 times.

Yep, given his popularity, it's not surprising that Loewenstein's far-Left views are sought by the likes of al Jazeera and Australia's ABC. I mean, with seven You Tube videos attracting 3,354 viewers over two years, the guy's a veritable media powerhouse.


Anonymous Chistery said...

Lets put this into perspective

A 10 year only with zombie face painting has a 17 second clip where he say 3 words in a confused response to a question, ie "I like turtles". That was viewed over 30 million times.

In other words, Zombie Turtle Kid is 9,000 times more interesting than the combined works of Antony.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous foxy on the run said...

if the peanut say leapt off a cliff whilst on fire I can boldly claim he'd be on a winner

re the kid in zombie make up - how did you tell the difference between him and lowenstein - Ant's own promo shots are in fact of him in zombie undead make up

its a tough call

like Jeremee he is a hunk of man meat


5:41 PM  

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