Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ethics of the Unemployed Journalist

Antony Loewenstein has been working overtime to try and discredit Rupert Murdoch. Good luck with that, oh 'independent journalist'.
Wendy Bacon, a journalist for the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism at the University of Technology, writes in New Matilda that now is the time to seriously investigate the power of the Murdoch empire in Australia. It’s called democracy, hacks:
Perhaps if he uses the term 'hack' enough they'll really get offended. Newsflash Antony: It's about as offensive as calling a police officer a "cop". You'd know that had you worked in a newspaper office for more than a week. But you didn't, did you, Antony?

In an earlier attempt at smearing News Ltd, Antony wrote:

News of the World needs to learn what ethics are all about

Hello my name is Rupert and I make money from finding the mobile phone numbers of famous people.

Perhaps when he's finished, Antony might reflect on the ethics of publishing the email addresses of those who write critical emails to him.

I'm not surprised people emailed him directly. Every critical comment I ever left on his blog was summarily deleted. This phenomena was scientifically tested (be sure to read comment #10).

Antony has even less credibility teaching someone about ethics, as he would teaching a course on quality writing or journalism.



Anonymous Chistery said...

Hidden message - hilarious!

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those of us old enough to remember Bacon's history, Loewenstein has far greater (in comparison to her only) credibility.

1:01 PM  

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