Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Australian lawyer Irfan Yusuf says he doesn't recognize the Islam (and its treatment of females) described in Ayaan Hirsi Ali's The Caged Virgin. I wonder if he recognizes Australian Islam?
A RELIGIOUS feud between a Muslim father and his teenage daughter may have sparked a bloody domestic dispute on the Gold Coast which left the man's wife dead and him fighting for life in hospital.

Police are investigating suggestions the violence erupted after the 17-year-old girl told her father she wanted to opt out of the Islamic faith and convert to Christianity. The girl's mother is believed to have stepped in to protect her daughter, only to be fatally stabbed with a kitchen knife.
It will also be interesting to see if those lefties currently voicing serious concerns about supposed corporate paedophilia have anything to say about this attempted murder of a Muslim female minor.

Editing note: "murder of a Muslim female minor" was corrected to "attempted murder of a Muslim female minor".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christians are a funny lot. They worship a god who can get cricified by Roman soldiers and yet they claim to be civilised. Their priests molest little boys and yet they reckon they are sexually mature.

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