Thursday, March 29, 2007


In the course of an address to parliament on anti-Semitism, Labor Senator Michael Forshaw ridicules Israel-hater Antony Loewenstein's claims of a conspiracy to silence him:
Mr Loewenstein’s allegations are absolutely ridiculous. They are also hypocritical. Firstly, the very fact that Mr Loewenstein’s article appeared in the Australian newspaper, and that his book, published subsequently, has gained such prominence in the public debate and in the media, including the Jewish media in this country, demonstrates the fallacy of his argument.

Following publication of his book by Melbourne University Publishing, Mr Loewenstein received nationwide coverage in both the printed and electronic media. The coverage of this debate went on for weeks, so it is ludicrous to argue that he has somehow been prevented from debating these issues and from having his views heard.
Loewenstein responds in an ironically titled post, "The clueless Senator":
Senator Forshaw is clearly still high from his last all-expenses paid trip to Israel and its military machine. During last year’s Iranian Holocaust Denial conference, I regularly condemned the proceedings, as did many Iranians. I have not said I’m being silenced, but the ability of citizens to freely criticise Israel and its policies results in slander and abuse, usually from fellow Jews.
If Forshaw was given an all-expenses paid trip to Israel he's certainly keeping it quiet. Anyway, Loewnestein has repeatedly claimed there's a Jewish conspiracy to silence him. A single example -- the promo blurb for an SBS radio Loewenstein interview -- will suffice as evidence:
Sure Jews have been less than delighted with Loewenstein's evil anti-Israel campaign but their efforts have been mild compared to the criticisms leveled at him by non-Jews like Tim Blair, me and now Senator Forshaw.

Loewenstein is trying to parlay his self-proclaimed status as a brave and noble Jewish dissenter into a writing career. Well, he may be Jewish but he isn't all that bright, he sure as Hell can't write and very few people with any brains are buying his message -- despite massive media coverage his blog currently draws 251 visits a day and his Independent Australian Jewish Voices petition averages fewer than two new signatures a day.

And one more thing, Loewenstein has somewhat shifted his position on Israeli apartheid. Whereas he once referred to Israel as the "Jewish apartheid state" he now says "the Israeli occupation of Palestine is reminiscent of apartheid". The guy has no insights to offer; if you pay him any heed you're a fool.


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