Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Brave dissident Jew Antony Loewenstein's novel My Israel Question is nominated for a New South Wales Premier's Literary Award 2007:
[My Israel Question] is a researched guide to the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict and to the political and cultural processes that have assured the Israeli side of a sympathetic hearing in the Anglophone world. At a time when Australia Jewry is publicly fragmenting in its views on Middle Eastern affairs, My Israel Question is a cogent expression of Jewish dissidence.
The book is not well researched, doesn't provide an accurate history of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute and isn't in any way cogent. But hey, the book did get nominated so it'll be no miracle if it wins.

Update: Powerful forces are conspiring to deprive Loewenstein of just recognition:
I imagine Danby and the usual suspects are busily making phone calls right now to make sure [My Israel Question] doesn’t get the blue ribbon.
If Loewenstein's writing got the credit it deserves he'd be pushing trolleys at Woolworths.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In his post, Loewenstein writes:
To the awards themselves, I thank them for the acknowledgement.

He's such a god-awful writer I hope he's planning on giving the bulk of any award money to his team of overworked editors...

It's the "Gleebooks" prize, sponsored by the same shop that launched his book, featuring two books by Melbourne University Press - his publisher and two by "Black Inc." All entrants are very left-wing in nature.

Can you spell "friends"?

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