Tuesday, April 24, 2007


George Monbiot makes the case for a global parliament:
No political issue now stops at the national border. All the most important forces - climate change, terrorism, state aggression, trade, flows of money, demographic pressures, the depletion of resources - can be addressed only at the global level. The question is not whether global decisions need to be made. The question is how to ensure that they are made democratically. Is there any valid answer other than direct representation?
In a crafty move, those who fail to support the push for yet another layer of government are condemned in advance:
A global parliament ensures that the voices of the poor world can no longer be ventriloquised by Bob Geldof and Bono and the leaders of the G8. The people will be able to speak for themselves.

For this reason, reactionaries all over the world will oppose the new campaign for an assembly. And the rest of us should support it.
And since Monbiot believes "climate change is the most important issue", he's really arguing for universal support for a global government with climate change at the top of it's agenda. The push is on to replace a make believe reactionary tyranny with the real tyranny of a global leftist government empowered to take the extraordinary measures necessary to save humanity from itself. Not good.


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