Saturday, August 25, 2007


Sydney lawyer Irfan Yusuf is certainly an interesting character. Back in December he "allowed" an especially nasty comment out of moderation at one of his blogs, Madhab al-Irfy:
Daniel Lewis of Rushcutters Bay, you have been writing racist anti-Arab and anti-Muslim letters to major newspapers in Australia for some time now. You have also been writing similar messages on Tim Blair's blog.

Admit it or I will post your address and telephone number here.
I suspected the comment was written by Yusuf and posted under an assumed identity. But since Yusuf removed the comment after I hassled him about it I never said anything about my suspicion. Recent developments appear to confirm that Yusuf is determined to silence Daniel Lewis through intimidation, by revealing where he lives.

In the right sidebar at another of Yusuf's blogs, planet irf, this feature has recently appeared (my bold):
Endorsement from Tim Blair, Opinion Editor, Daily Telegraph
I spent much of the weekend going through your blog. I mean, f#cking
hell. Put yourself in my f*cking shoes, mate. Why the f+ck should I run your stuff? Why should I do you any favours when you write that f^cking bullsh!t on your blog?
(Conversation with Mr Blair. Blair's friend, Daniel Lewis (who identifies himself in numerous letters to the editor as being of Rushcutters Bay), comments of Blair's blog (13/07/07 @ 11:58pm): "I wonder whether Irfan, sought Tim’s permission to print this 'endorsement'? I’m sure Tim would be only to happy to give such permission, but I’m also sure Irfan has edited it. No doubt Tim was a lot more colourful.")
Why does Yusuf deem it necessary to state Lewis's suburb and link him as a friend to the dreaded Blair? Well, duh.


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So..... what's Irf's address?

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