Monday, June 30, 2008


PerthNow is drawing lots of comments (1090 as of 8:10 PM AWST) on the story of the four youngsters killed while riding in a stolen car over the weekend. The comments run the gamut, from those offering sympathy to the children's families to those figuring the now dead car thieves got what they deserved. The large number of comments must surely indicate that the Perth community has strong feelings and that perhaps people have a need to vent their frustrations. Regardless, getting these feelings out in the open is a good thing.

Lefty Darlene doesn't see it that way:
Perth Now should hang their head in shame, but they are probably rubbing their hands in glee at all the comments they received.
PerthNow should not be condemned for providing a venue for people to express opinions Darlene finds ignorant and offensive. Anyway, isn't Darlene rubbing her hands together in delight at the number of comments her post is drawing? The traffic certainly can't hurt Larvatus Prodeo's bottom line.


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