Saturday, October 03, 2009


Scott Bridges wants to go all mainstream and respectable but just can't forget the multi-year, labour of love lefty awesomeness of Grods. So he puts Grods back online but only after removing all of the comments and deleting the more embarrassing posts:
The circumstances surrounding GrodsCorp’s closure left me feeling rather ambivalent towards the site’s legacy. At the time I was quite happy to let it disappear into the Internet ether (Interether?) and move on, but with a little bit of distance now having developed between those events, and having spent some time going through the archive, I’m convinced that we published some really, really good stuff and that it deserves to stay online as a viewable archive. That’s not to say I’m blind to the less-than-ideal aspects of the back catalogue; I know that there is some really, really underwhelming stuff, some offensive stuff, some pathetic blogwar stuff, and some stuff that defies categorisation, but I can live with that. For this reason I’ve put GrodsCorp back online with some content removed (posts related to the reason behind the early closure, posts that would only prolong pointless blogwars, and posts that simply have no place being online) and I’ve also deleted all comments as I refuse to go through nearly 30,000 comments one-by-one. Some will crow about gutless self-censorship, salute their reflection in their computer monitors, solemnly declare blogospheric victory, and feel a warm inner glow of smugness as they read this in their mothers’ basements, but, like, for fuck’s sake, whatever.
Like, for fuck's sake, put it all back online, pussy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You either have to say that Grods was a failed experiment that should be expunged from the internet or stand by it in its entirety and leave it up. Lattecat

4:38 PM  
Anonymous niceper;son709 said...

Yes LC, you degenerate, there are only two options in the whole world. How do we expunge you from the internet?

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ARIII, you just don't appreciate the satirical nature of Surname and co's work. Lattecat

6:19 AM  
Anonymous bingbing said...

It's funny. Like when Jeremy and the gang got all upset when Iain posted his twittering-whilst-driving excerpts. Taking the moral high ground yet conveniently forgetting when Jeremy posted a bloke's ID when he gave him a parking ticket.

5:00 AM  
Anonymous blogstrop said...

I no longer believe in Grod.

6:25 PM  

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