Monday, December 27, 2010

Middle-east nuclear proliferation not a problem

Israel's covert 2007 air-attack on Syria did not elicit loud public complaints because the leveled site was a covert nuclear facility established in violation of Syria's commitments under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Yet a Middle-east "expert" complains that Israel's service to the world in destroying Syria's covert nuclear program was "irresponsible and criminal". Israel must be condemned not matter what.

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Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

Yes. Syria didn't really say much at the same time, having been caught red-handed.

It would seem Loewenstein is complaining the loudest. Apparently Israel didn't respect Syria's rights.

Presumably in his mind, the Police should also knock politely before entering the homes of drug dealers, terrorists and murderers.

In contrast, Loewenstein has barely, if ever, had a problem with missiles being fired as long as Israel was on the receiving end. I mean, what's the difference really, between rockets fired at a nuclear reactor in Syria and rockets fired at a Kindergarten in Israel?

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