Thursday, March 17, 2011

ABC online editor seduced by election influence potential

Alene Composta makes a pro-Labor pitch to ABC The Drum editor Jonathan Green that he just couldn't resist:
It seems to be that if we can link the Liberals to this crotch talk then there is still a chance we can nudge the election toward Labor, or at least do something to limit what looks like it will be catastrophic damage inflicted by voters.
The important thing is that we do everything we can, use every tool we know, to help Kristina out of the jam some silly moves and a lot of Murdoch venom has put her in.
Hence Green's decision to publish an ABC-edited version of Composta's The "Moosing" Of Kristina K blog post. With the removal of her article from The Drum poor Alene misses out on her opportunity for an anticipated "new career as a an ABC-validated and authorised opinionsmith." Green on the other hand gets to keep his job despite the pulling of yet another article he approved.

Worse still, after Composta's article was quietly ditched, the ABC stiffed her for the $200 publication fee. Not to worry Alene, the book deal will be worth a fortune.


Anonymous Nic said...

Its the Prof I reackon, and its absolutely hillarious

6:16 PM  
Anonymous ar said...

I thought so too at first but it might not be a good look for a mainstream political journalist (if that is indeed Bunyip's current position).

6:32 AM  

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