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Jeremy Sear's use of a fake name is no big deal, really

Crikey blogger Jeremy Sear tacitly admits to assuming a false identity when speaking with Andrew Bolt on talk-back radio:
LOL. Apparently asking a question of a polemicist on talkback radio is "hassling" them.
Jeremy is obviously keen to divert attention away from his clandestine activities.

It just doesn't seem to have clicked with Jeremy that he is no longer "just some guy with a blog" but that he writes for a media powerhouse and can "now actually ring the subject of a piece and say 'it’s Jeremy from Crikey' and they’ll answer the phone." Or as he writes on his personal blog:
When you're a blogger, and you're criticising something a journalist has published, you don't email or call them first - partly because you don't think it really matters, but also because you've little confidence they'd reply to you if you did, so why bother? However, when you have a professional organisation to name when you contact the person - when you can say "It's Jeremy from Crikey" - then it seems that you actually have a duty to do so. Because you can.

It didn't immediately click that I suddenly had the ability to do that, and therefore should. I don't think of myself as a journalist - I'm not trained as a journalist, and this blogging thing is merely a hobby. I'm a lawyer, and a blogger, not a journo. But Crikey is a professional media organisation, and the standards required are higher.

The point has been made, and for anything in Crikey I will henceforth play the journalism game - particularly if I could arguably be seen to be drawing implications about what a journalist has done from their piece, rather than simply commenting on the opinion they've expressed. (Historically that hasn't been a problem, since previous subjects have pretty much exclusively been publishing their mere opinions.)

Still, after almost five years of amateur blogging, it's a bit of a culture shock.
Jeremy should therefore endeavour to meet the high standards he set for himself and use his real name when lodging blog comments and when phoning talkback radio. Then again, Jeremy's anonymous comments and use of false identities no doubt makes him unique amongst Australia's blogging elites. That's no badge of distinction, however.

Jeremy and his Pure Poison cohorts once lodged apparently earth shatteringly important but false charges that Tim Blair commented using a false identity. Yet when Jeremy assumes a false identity, it's no big deal. Hypocrite.

Update Jeremy has been bad-mouthing me in emails to Alene Composta:
I am very sorry to see what those utter pr*cks, Beck, Blair and Bolt, have done with their repulsive horde of monkeys. Bullies and thugs, the lot of them.
Fiancée Keri joins in:
I noticed that the usual suspects like J F Beck and Tim Blair have been attacking you (no doubt partly because you showed public support for Jeremy). I just wanted to let you know that I thought the post you wrote in response was very brave, and the only reason I'm not posting this on your blog is because I'm conscious that would make things worse.

Also, I'm fairly sure that "Spot the Dog", one of your followers, is J F Beck. I'd suggest you block him if you can. I know you can't stop him from reading, but if he knows that you're on to him, it might give him pause. I can't prove that it's him, but we're fairly sure it is.
Nice try Kerimy; I'm not Spot the Dog and never have been. Leftards are nothing if not entertaining; duplicitous yes, but oh so entertaining:
You can tell from the note that Jeremy believed in me, a faith that gave strength to my blogging and stiffened my conviction. But it didn't last. By the time he had published that Pure Poison post, this is what he was saying about my blogging. It was an "assinine gotcha".
Thus Jeremy is caught in a gotcha of his own making.

Update II Alene demands natural justice:
For 24 hours this blog was the destination for visitors following links that Jeremy Sear posted at his site. Then the trouble began, the abusive avalanche commenced, and the link was gone.

How can we stand together, Jeremy, if we are not prepared to be hanged together?

I know I said I would not blog again, but I can no longer stand by that promise. I have been betrayed by so many people. Now I demand that the guilty to explain themselves.
What say you Jeremy?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

But you're a Yank. From WA. Ipso facto QED. You ARE Spot. Stop with the lies already, Becky! :)

6:56 PM  
Anonymous spot_the_dog said...

"Also, I'm fairly sure that 'Spot the Dog', one of your followers, is J F Beck."


I'm much better looking than Becky.


7:55 PM  
Blogger kae said...


Sheer stupid.

Hiya spottie!

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to read Jeremy in his old anonymous days. He used to be pretty funny.

I think he's let his obsessions get the better of him. The old Jeremy woudln't have been fooled by a blatant hoax. The intenet can narrow minds.

11:39 PM  
Anonymous Lattecat said...

Keri's email takes the cake. You could tell Arlene was a setup from the start, but she still take the opportunity to badmouth right wing bloggers as bullies.

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Chistery said...

Jeremy and Keri did mention you first in their emails, ahead of Blair and Bolt.

Now he may have just been listing his enemies (nemesis or muse in the case of Bolt) in alphabetical order.

But I'd just proudly take away from this that his special loathing for you is why he thinks of you first.

6:13 AM  
Blogger TimT said...

You lot can't fool me. You're ALL Jeremy. Yes, you too Beck. :)

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Lattecat said...

So on Sears blog he writes:

"1. Using a pseudonym. If you believe the attack, apparently the three Bs now think there’s something wrong with using a pseudonym – if you’re not them. My accusers have all either used (or still use) pseudonyms themselves (even when they wrote for a paid site) or regularly publish and link to people who do. So is it wrong or not? "

Considering the infamous "sockpuppet worn" PP post, which I assume Jez remembers well - using a fake name was apparently an example of "pure poison".

I do like the way that Jez completely misses the point, it's not about using a consistent psuedonym - it's about calling someone under a fake name and pretending to not be yourself - particularly when it is with someone with whom you have a long history and numerous blogs attacking them.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous ar said...

There's nothing like having a stiffened conviction.

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Lattecat said...

Should point out that the "sockpuppet worn" post was not an actual example of a fake name, just that the PP-boys thought it was. To the general amusement of everyone else and, no doubt, the enrichment of a number of good lawyers.

7:59 AM  
Blogger Jimbo said...


8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it that someone who has blogged regularly under their own name and finally tires of the abuse and potential damage to their reputation and therefore switches to a pseudonym is immediately accused of assuming a false identity?

I'm not referring to Jeremy Sears here but to the hypocrisy of people who have always used screen names pointing the finger at those who switch to a screen name because they are worn by the abuse of unknown individuals.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

The funny thing is, had he simply said "Jeremy" on the radio, or even "Jeremy Sears", there's every chance Bolt still wouldn't have known who he was.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Lattecat said...


What is the correct form of introduction in these circumstances? I would go with:

"Hi, I'm Jeremy. I have multiple blogs on line criticising you and used to edit your wikipedia entry. Can I ask you a question? PS I'm not a stalker."

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good comment, but it's not like he's blogged on scone recipies or vegi gardening and he's calling to chat about Libia.

This bloke has systematically shadowed Bolt for many years and has been ultra critical of him, his politics, his family (yes he attacks Bolt's wife too)and anyone who happens to agree with Bolt on any issue. He's sponsored hate blogs on Bolt and Blair as well as being involved in information sharing that has been used by his cohort and minions to bully harass and threaten anyone he feels he might like to bother with.
In calling Bolt to be critical and using a nom de plume, he's been dishonest. Why not simply blog on the issue (which he has) and leave it at that, or why not call MTR and say who he is and why he's calling?

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Chai Cat said...

why not call MTR and say who he is and why he's calling?

You mean like you've anonymously whinged about Jeremy calling in anonymously, Anonymous?

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Matt Dunell said...

So you're anonymously saying that he shouldn't make a point anonymously, Anonymous?

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone is deleting my comments here. Someone is a chinless wonder who can dish it out but quivers like custard when someone else hits back.

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Michael Hudson said...

Kerimy. They could only have paid that.

10:37 PM  

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