Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lefty goes all kick-ass neo-con

From the far Left a call for military action:
So, we’re going to sit back and watch Gaddafi slaughter his people, are we?

It’s pretty disappointing to learn that, after witnessing the protests and clear desperation of the Libyan people to be free of Gaddafi, the rest of the world is apparently content to just sit back and look the other way while he bombs them back into submission. It’s 2011, and that’s apparently the best we can do.
By "we" is meant the United States, the only country capable of enforcing the desired no-fly zone. But the U.S. should surely wait for U.N. approval of any such mission; given the rate at which U.N. administrative wheel turn, and owing to China and Russia objecting to any further projection of U.S. power, it's likely Libyan rebels will be ground to dust before any meaningful action eventuates. Now if Dubya was still president...


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