Thursday, April 07, 2011

Right-wing, anti-Rudd conspiracy noted

Kevin Rudd's Monday remarks on Q&A elicited a general response from Australian media outlets including Fairfax and the ABC. The Lefties at Crikey see it differently, however:
At the moment Kevin Rudd made some remarks on Q&A on Monday night, about Cabinet discussions after the Liberals dumped Turnbull and it became impossible to pass the ETS the ALP and Libs had negotiated, you could hear the nation’s political hacks (particularly those employed by a particular media organisation) slamming down their wine glasses and firing up their bullsh*t machines.
This "bullshit" from the ABC has gone unnoticed, however:
Labor has gone into damage control after former prime minister Kevin Rudd confirmed some of his cabinet ministers argued last year for the emissions trading scheme to be killed off.

Speaking on ABC TV's Q&A last night, Mr Rudd revealed his cabinet was deeply split over the issue that ultimately led to his replacement.

In an apparent breach of cabinet confidentiality, Mr Rudd said some of his ministry wanted to keep the emissions trading scheme (ETS) and others wanted it dumped permanently.
Yep, it's obviously a massive right-wing, anti-Rudd, "bullshit" conspiracy.


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