Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Haggard Antisemites have Friends Too...

Geoff has referred me to Fully taxpayer funded Holocaust denier Marilyn Shepherd's, comment in Webdiary:
I have Iraqi friends who remember the Irgun and other setting off bombs in Iraq to induce the jews to go to Israel because no-one else wanted to.
Isn't that touching. Even the most unhinged moonbats can have friends.

The preceding article by Geoff Pahoff (which makes Marilyn's comment irrelevant and off-topic as well as stupid) is an interesting read. Say what you want about Hamas, at least they are honest about wanting to see Jews dead. If only various academics and their fellow travellers of the Left were as honest, instead of talking in code.


Anonymous geoffff said...

Here's a nice little charmer the other day from the Holocaust denier, "Marilyn", at her "Jewish friend's" blog, One State Loewenstein.

One State "based on self-determination and free elections" of course. Just like his blog.

"I don't think Israel should exist, it is a piece of dirt stolen from others by force so it exists as a piece of dirt, why do killers and murderers and liars and squatters get to keep it?

"If I stole land here I would not be allowed to keep it so why should jews alone in the world be allowed to do so?"

Care to enter into a conversation about the meaning of "antisemitism" John?

How about the definition of "genocidal nazi scum"?

The Western left is morally depraved. They contaminate our universities and media, especially the public owned media -- anything that is taxpayer funded.

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