Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Won't Anyone Listen To Me?

Ramblings over at Webdiary,
WD contributor Marilyn Shepherd of course has often noted the wholesale suppression of relevant information re asylum seeker detention, particularly since this harsh process became overtised and brutal under Howard.
 That would be Marilyn Shepherd, Holocaust denier (fully taxpayer funded) who is still blaming Howard. Memo Marilyn: John Howard hasn't been the Prime Minister for four years and many more "asylum seekers" have died since he left. Presumably that wasn't "brutal" enough.

 Let the Silencing continue:
We've seen Pilger ostracised, Bob Brown and the environmentalists suppressed in court by Gunns and Lennon and am sure others could also recall instances, such as the Henson Affair.
There seems a pattern, likely devised in rightist think tanks by mercenary ambulance chasers, applied in general, as if from a handbook.
Anyone know where I can buy a copy of this "handbook"?


Anonymous foxy said...


what? the? f$#%?

"overtise; The act of heavily advertising products to the point of market saturation. "Man, I'm so sick of those Fitness Made Simple commercials! They're so overtised!"


7:50 PM  
Anonymous John said...

Well I'll pay this one. This Marilyn Shepherd woman sounds appalling. What is she referring to by 'the Henson affair'?

9:20 AM  
Anonymous geoffff said...

She posted a beauty the other day claiming that the Iragi Jews were forced out of Iraq by the Irgun planting bombs


She is good at quoting "Iraqi friends" or "Muslim" or "asylum seeker" or whatever ... "friends".
Even "Jewish friends" (read Lowenstein) Also quoting books she claims to have read -- but of course has read what she wants to read into it.

The bare faced spit in your face lying of these people is difficult to get used to.

A while back she cited a book written by a British author named MacDonogh as saying the German population was mistreated postwar by Americans led by Jews. So I emailed McDonogh. Complete horseshit. "I said no such thing." Quite the opposite. This woman is a pest and has been emailing me. Please post my reply"

She has her supporters.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

That's great, Geoff.

I've posted about it. Thanks.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that all 'antiracism' laws in Australia are 'Get Whitey' laws, but how does this creature get away with her continuous, incessant and noxious racist attacks on white Australians? She's been peddling this ordure for as long as I've been reading the net. Can no one call her to account?


8:17 PM  

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