Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cinema Destroys Families

Event Cinemas (formerly Greater Union) has an interesting definition of "family".

Friday, March 30, 2012

It's not like there were cartoons...

Joel Braunold:
Perhaps the only positive thing of note has been the reaction of the French Jewish community. After a rabbi and three small children were murdered in France, and declared by the persecutor as an act in the name of the Middle East conflict, there were no riots, nor firebombs lobbed at mosques. During the 2009 War in Gaza [roughly 3,600kms away -ed] there were riots in London, shops smashed and firebombs thrown at synagogues.

The French Jewish community’s silent and powerful protest in arms with other communities in response to such violent provocation demonstrates that even at the pinnacle of rage rioting in the streets of Europe is not justified.
Unless you are a Muslim. Then the media will bend over backwards to try and find justification for the Jihad du Jour.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Choice of Programming

AL Jazeera will decide tomorrow whether or not to broadcast a video made by an Islamist extremist killer during his recent shooting spree in southern France, the TV news network's Paris bureau chief told BFM-TV.
The good news is Australians will be able to tune into the ABC's nightly rebroadcast of Al-Jazeera, preferred media outlet of Osama bin Laden and other aspiring Shaheeds.

It's your ABC.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is Nice...

Can't wait for that Kuwaiti Olympic bid...
KAZAKHSTAN has demanded an apology from Kuwait after a spoof national anthem from Borat was played at a medal ceremony for its national shooting team.

The blunder took place as Maria Dmitrienko stood on top of the podium to celebrate her gold medal performance at the 10th Arab Shooting Championship in Kuwait.

But instead of the Kazakh national anthem, Dmitrienko had to listen to the song used in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hear no Stupid

Huffington Post reports the excitement of a deaf American student who communicated with Barack Obama in ASL (American Sign Language).
The moment I will never forget was when he looked at me. He gave me a chance to talk to him. It was like he was waiting for me to say something. I took the moment and signed “I am proud of you,” and his response was “Thank u” in sign language back! Oh my gosh! I was like wow! He understood me after I said I was proud of him.
Why do I get the feeling had he signed "My Hovercraft is full of eels", the President would have signed "Thank You"?

Comments to the post are just as giddy.
The haters will never uderstand this.

Very cool that he knows another language.
But does he truly uderstand?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

La Surrender

Last night in France, an antisemitic attack on a Jewish school saw a teacher and three children murdered because they were Jewish.

French President Sarkozy had this to say:
These were images we’d seen in other countries and never in our own.  We have no choice but to confront them

Where was Sarkozy when Ilan Halimi was kidnapped and tortured for being Jewish?

Where was he in 2002 when a gunman fired through the metal shutter of a kosher butchers in Toulouse? Or when there was a 75% rise in antisemitic activity, correlating with an increase in the Muslim population?

France has a problem. When you do nothing about a palpable rise in antisemitic incitement, often masked as "anti-Zionist" and fanned by an out of control Islamic ghetto, the results are entirely predictable.

Update: Antony Loewenstein is devastated, retweeting this obscure tweet about Yiddish. What a tool.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Anal Rapists for Palestine

Leftarded supporters of the most violent and misognystic ideology on the planet are apparently surprised that they're being called names.
At the demonstration today...I noticed looks and finger pointing from the shabab [young Palestinians] that made me feel some discomfort. They talked amongst themselves, and not with me, but the word that came up quite a lot was ‘slut’... there was some ‘accidental’ touching, and some incidents in which people called me a ‘slut.’ In the end of the day, it was a very unpleasant experience.”
Hey, try being beheaded!
In April 2010, an American peace activist filed a complaint against a Palestinian, charging he had tried to rape her. The suspect was later freed when the activist withdrew her complaint.
Can't imagine what compelled her to change her mind... Don't you hate it when you're trying to help Jew-murderers and they go and show their gratitude by raping you?

And we're not just talking the usual Sheik Faiz Mohammed or Bilal Skaf approved Islamo-rape either,
“When the solidarity movement released its new campaign with the Vaseline, hinting at anal rape, with the caption ‘shut up, bend over and swallow, you know you want to’ conjuring the most appalling imagery of sexual violence, I was angered, but unfortunately, I wasn’t surprised. In all honesty, the left isn’t as good at keeping gender equality as they think they are.”
The Left isn't as good at anything, as they think they are.

Update: Palestinians fire their rifles in the air at a funeral (charming bunch).  Falling bullets kill an eight year old child. Guess who they try to blame...

Update II: Palestinian gets hurt falling off a swing in 2006. Top tweet for #Gaza in March 2012 currently claims that the girl was recently hurt in an Israeli airstrike. The liar who started the tweet, works for the UN.


Saturday, March 17, 2012


2010: 5 Reasons why Ninja should run parliament.

2012: One more.
Protocols for entering the NSW Parliament are being reviewed after a person dressed like a "ninja" entered the upper house and threw a paper plane at sitting members.
The NSW Parliament has spent millions on security upgrades over the last few years. We should be seeing video soon.

Or never.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Australian Burqua Corporation

Not that I expect many people are watching, but from 5am the ABC's News24 channel rebroadcasts Al-Jazeera.



An international outrage:
AN online job ad stating "no Irish" should apply has forced the Australian embassy in Ireland to defend the country's commitment to diversity and racial tolerance.
It's not quite as heinous as this example of our intolerance.

Amazing Story

In 1987, five year old Sanroo Brierly and his brother boarded a train that was supposed to take them home after a long day of begging on the streets of India. But the boys fell asleep, the train rolled on, and hours later they were deposited clear across the country.

Twenty-five years later, Brierly has finally found his way home. And he did it with Google Earth.
A remarkable story (even if the bit about a planned movie has me a little cynical).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brullshit grows deeper

Michael Brull on the ABC's unhinged Unleashed website:
Well, that's the thing about being Israel. It can kill Arabs whenever it feels like, make up any story it likes, and still get an easy ride in the Western media.
Well, that's the thing about being Michael Brull or Antony Loewenstein. You can make a completely baseless slur that resembles a blood libel, and you'll still get taken seriously by the ABC.

Michael Brull, the poor man's Antony Loewenstein has a history of making stuff up and being breathtakingly wrong (see my comments on this post).

However just like Antony Loewenstein, he's considered good enough for 'Our ABC'. His post is followed by comments from "Mulga Mumblebrain", an anti-Semite long since banned from most Australian political blogs and this whack job conspiracy theory:
The only way the " terrorists " who are probably Mossad operatives will stop is if the local stores stop selling Chinese sky rockets.
Yes. Hamas are really Mossad agents.

Seriously. That's what passes for debate at the ABC. And you're paying for it.



This week's media follows a simple pattern. Hamas fires rockets and tries to kill Jews. Media says nothing. Iran threatens to destroy the Jewish state. Media says nothing.

Israel says they might respond, or (in the case of Gaza) actually does respond and then people go nuts. It's similar to the criminal who tries to tell the magistrate that the trouble only started after the policeman hit him back.

This was forwarded to me by email and sums it up.

The Australian has provided a nice example of what the ABC does and does not decide to report and it says plenty.

Unfortunately there is a simple message that the Arab-Muslims and other Jew-haters still don't seem to have realised:

Why the world continues to see Jew-murderers, democracy haters, head-choppers and woman beaters as the victim is beyond me.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Mike Carlton - Hypocrite.

An excellent observation by Clive Williams: Here's Mike Carlton in 2011:
Alan Jones has suggested the Prime Minister and Bob Brown should be drowned at sea.
The temperature of hatred has been rising in Australia for most of this year. Lately we've reached critical mass, with public calls for the murder of Julia Gillard and senior ministers.
I can hardly believe I have just written such a shocking sentence, but it happens to be true.
And here's Mike Carlton in 2012:
the last thing Julia Gillard needs is yet another round of cabinet bloodshed.

So, special sea duty men close up. Hands to stations for leaving harbour. Best if the minister were to be towed out to sea and sunk by gunfire, to become an artificial reef for fish.

Bums Working in Hospitals

A bizarre request for assistance at the Ask Bossy blog.
Dear Bossy: I need to ask u a question and I want an honest answer ....
I am 40 married with 2 kids, and me & my wife have sex once in 2 month, and she in NOT AT ALL interested in sex, not even Kissing

I have a junior colleague (we both are doctors in a hospital), she is 29, and she is engaged to be married in december this year….I have know her for 3 years but came to know her really well last year…and we have become good friends, she is quite good looking and I have the hots for her, we have spent many hours together when we were preparing for her exams.

I was tutoring her, during that time I have given her numerous massages mostly on her back and her face….and many times her bums….slipping my hands under her pants and kneading and massaging her bums....since then when ever we are together I always love to touch her….and caress her….her arms, her shoulders, her hair, her face and even slip my hands under her top and caress her tummy or her back.
Comments to the post enquire how many bums this woman has.

Read it again.

This. Guy. Is. A. Doctor in an Australian hospital. Stupid on so, so many levels.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Excellence at 'Our ABC'

Gerard Henderson:
I regard it as quite unprofessional that...the taxpayer-funded editor of The Drum is not prepared to check “facts” presented by contributors to The Drum.

Actually, it's standard practice. Here's Antony Loewenstein this week:
Last night I appeared on ABCTV’s The Drum (video here) discussing both domestic and international affairs.
Enough said. Loewenstein carries a well documented history of uncorrected errors. Yet due to his odious ideology, he's considered plenty good enough for the ABC. Clearly Jonathan Green doesn't remember the number of corrections he had to run after Loewenstein's posts on Crikey.

This is how us Jews are seen; constantly desperate for war.
"Us Jews", Antony?

This from someone who has excluded himself from the Jewish community and whose sole reference to being Jewish is in an attempt to promote his career where anyone else would simply be written off as a Jew-hating fool.

Loewy makes a plea:
Leave the Middle East alone for a while, I stated, haven’t we caused enough mayhem over the last decades?
Yes. Let's see Antony blog about something else for a few weeks. Good luck with that.

In an earlier post, he writes:
This really a remarkable piece in The Economist that requires no explanation
As opposed to his writing.

The ABC can never be taken seriously as long as it continues to provide space to a dishonest, incompetent writer.

On the other hand, it must be nice to have at least one (ahem) 'journalist' guaranteed to sit by the phone and accept any invitation to appear and not say "Sorry, I'm on a deadline and working on something right now".


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Mr Palau

While Tim Blair is smashing up Palau, he should pay them due respect. Palau is one of very few developing nations in the world which isn't a complete whore for dirty Arab dollars.

Here's the President of Palau, as Elder of Ziyon noted in 2011:
"The Arabs offered us $50 million under one condition: that we stop our support for Israel and our votes in their favor at the UN. We told them: 'Forget it.
Give them your tourist dollars, Blair. They deserve them.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Great Stupid

From today's Sydney Morning Herald:
Before reporters in the Oval Office this morning, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that in the eyes of Iran the United States was the “great Satan” to Israel's “small Satan”
Yes. The failed, incompetent, violent, corrupt and backward Arab-Muslim world despises America and Israel. Nothing new.

But it's apparently the Herald's view also, according to their headline:

'Great Satan' backs 'small Satan': Obama reaffirms stance against Iran

Real subtle.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Plaque-Free Porsche

A Chinese Porsche owner has been busted for using toothpaste to modify his number plates.
The owner used the cavity-preventing goo to change the 1s on his license plates to 7s. This ended up attracting the attention of Qingdao police, who thought the 7s didn't look right.
Mmmmm... Minty fresh.


Anne Summers in the SMH is convinced public disdain for Prime Minister Gillard is because she's a woman.
Yet these issues pale before the avalanche of hatred that has at times almost crushed Gillard. At an anti-carbon tax rally in Canberra in March last year, angry protesters held up signs that said ''JuLIAR'' and ''Bob Brown's Bitch'' and ''Ditch the Witch''. It was a long way from the mockery that Australia's first two female premiers, Carmen Lawrence and Joan Kirner, had to put up with. ''Lawrence of Suburbia'' and ''Spot on Joan'' (a reference to her clothes) seem pretty tame by comparison. It was nasty and it was personal but it was also sexist for using the word ''bitch''.
No it wasn't, as noted in this letter:
IN REFERENCE to the placard ''Bob Brown's Bitch'', Anne Summers adds her name to those preciously choosing to see sexism where none exists. The English language evolves and in this context ''bitch'' means ''lackey'', equally applicable to both sexes. is a reliable reference for this modern usage, where ''bitch'' is defined as ''a person who performs tasks for another, usually degrading in status''.

Given all we know about Julia Gillard's servile relationship with Bob Brown, the placard was factual and not a bit sexist. If roles were reversed, with Brown doing Gillard's bidding, the sign could have just as reasonably said of him ''Julia Gillard's Bitch''.

Mitch Geddes Killara
Actually, a sign calling Bob Brown "Julia Gillard's Bitch" would cause the same lefty commentators to cry "homophobia".