Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Capitalism Disaster

A plea for funds from Antony Loewenstein:
Today I’m proud to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign with New York-based film-maker Thor Neureiter. We need to raise US$20,000 in one month to continue shooting footage in Haiti, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan. Please tell your friends, family, lovers, enemies and everybody else about this independently supported project. It continues the journey, in film form, of my new book, Profits of Doom.
Traditionally film producers would negotiate film rights to a good book. I guess that wouldn't be "independent" enough for budding Oscar Winner Loewenstein. Here's what your donation gets you. For $25:
We'll send you digitally a striking postcard image from the Disaster Capitalism film.
In other words, they'll email you a picture. Digitally! For $50:
We'll send you a signed copy of Antony's book, Profits of Doom, endorsed by Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Scahill, John Pilger and others plus a link to the completed film.
Those links are expensive you know. For people who donate $100 they are more generous and will not send you his book. Instead:
We'll send you one original photograph shot by Antony and Thor in Haiti, Afghanistan or Papua New Guinea and online access to deleted scenes. Plus a link to the completed film and a DVD.
Seeing what Antony has published in the past, I can't imagine the horrors that were deleted during the editing process. Pony up $250 and:
We'll give you a copy of the hot (yet to be written) soundtrack by New York based DJ/rupture, a copy of Antony's Profits of Doom book, one original photograph shot by Thor and Antony, thanks in the credits, exclusive access online to deleted scenes and a link to the completed film.
Hasn't even been written but the soundtrack is "hot"! The biggest music stars in the business could only hope to receive such reviews in-advance. The "Exclusive" online access to deleted scenes isn't that exclusive anyway. Those tightarses who donated $100 get it too. $500:
We'll arrange an exclusive VIP screening of the film when completed (in New York, transport/accommodation not provided), digital access to the completed film, meeting with Thor in New York and Antony (via Skype, he travels a lot!), thanks in the credits and exclusive access online to deleted scenes.
I wonder who pays for all this travel? The score so far: $2,065 pledged of $20,000 goal. You'd assume the filmmaker has a few friends and family. The Kickstarter page notes: this project will only be funded if at least $20,000 is pledged by Thursday Sep 19, 7:46pm EDT. Antony faces some stiff competition for those bucks. Update: He made it. Just. His partner Thor Neureiter is "an Emmy award winning, New York based filmmaker". Antony is already describing himself as a film-maker. Fake it until you make it Ant...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it is indeed correct that "Loewenstein" is Hebrew for "cocksucker", perhaps he should use some of the stiff competition to his advantage and offer to perform fellatio for remuneration.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Ant L said...

Oh Dan, you are such a 'glass half empity' type aren't you? I'm trying to help you out of this lonely neglected dungeon of a site, so watch and learn.

The fundraising tally has more than doubled in the few days since you posted your little piece. In fact I may well have got a donation from one of the people that just comes here for a laugh.

I will prolly reach my tally, and even if I didn't I still get publickity. Just having a number of people take the trouble to donate helps me bond more tightly with my fan-base.

And that nice Mr Chomsky and the modern Australian hero John Pilger are helping out. Now I am in grand company with these major pubic intellectuals.

They don't care abouts pelling and trivial stuff. I even titled my last post "Polluting spreading Shell given lesson by Greenpeace on culture jamming>" but, hey, they won't mind my pollution of English grammar. They know my heart is in the rite place!

So get on board Dan, get with leftist zeitgeist, shift your paradigm old man. No one really believes anything anymore and neither should you. Just tell the intelligentsia what they want to hear and they will be there for you. You could be famous too! And rich.

12:25 PM  

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