Monday, August 26, 2013

Mohammed Gets a Job

October 2012:
Facing blatant discrimination in work fields, Australian Muslims are changing their names to angelical [sic] ones to increase their chances of employment. 
"It's sad many Muslims feel compelled to do this," Keysar Trad, founder of the Islamic Friendship Association, told Australia’s The Telegraph on October 7. 
“That message is unless you do take on an Anglo name you won't get past the front door.” 
Trad said that Australians with traditional Muslim names often experience blatant religious discrimination when applying for a job.
August 2013:
Muhammad is now officially one of our most popular baby names.
Either Keysar Trad was lying about victimhood a year ago, or Muslims today aren't worried in the slightest that their children's employment opportunities might be limited and that one day their son Mohammed "won't get past the front door".

The jobless rate among Muslim men is more than double the national average.

Must be "discrimination"...


Anonymous Dawood Jablomi said...

Oh ignorant one, this is not hypocrisy. Kayser Trad is serving a valuable purpose in shaming the racists. Their guilt will make them think twice before questioning the perfect wisdom Muslims bring into Australian society.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Homohammad said...

Spot on Dawood, my brother. Shaming the racists makes them more susceptible to da'wa. I must say though, that despite the vile racism infecting Australian society, I have made some very happy liaisons because of my name.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Furred Burr Kerr said...

Indeed esteemed brother, as the vile infidels say, one never really does know what is to be found under the Burkha!

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Homohammad said...

Blessed brother Furred, I know just what you mean! A better title for this post would have been "Mohammad Gets A Blow Job".

Insha'Allah you will get many of these yourself. Blessed is he who imitates the Prophet.

3:32 PM  

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