Monday, March 20, 2006


Lefty computing teacher and self-proclaimed malaria expert Tim Lambert's hate for the baby-killing Africa Fighting Malaria - Lambert continues to bounce my links to his old blog: copy and paste - is so great he recently called for a boycott of Dunk Malaria because it directs a portion of funds collected to AFM – go here for background. Lambert's little exercise in self-promotion drew some flak from me which was, not unexpectedly, largely ignored.

Lambert has moved on with a post favourable to Dunk Malaria, sort of:
Today is Malaria Action Day. Dunk Malaria are holding a Dunk Malariathon. coturnix is running a linkfest for malaria related posts.

My thanks to John Quiggin and Tara Smith for linking to my earlier post and extra thanks to everyone who donated money and doubled my $300 to help fight malaria.
The post says nothing positive about Dunk Malaria but does make much of the money raised by Malaria Man and his commenters. Four of the five links pretty much focus on Lambert. Blogger coturnix takes the Lambert praise up a notch by posting a link to this in comments:
Tim Lambert at Deltoid started all this with Dunk Malaria and followed up with Malaria Action Day.
Ain't it strange how this worked out? Lambert calls for a boycott of Dunk Malaria, raises a paltry sum for an alternative charity and ends up a hero. The Malria Man T-shirts are probably in the works at this very moment.

Hedge Fund Manager Lance Laifer explain why he got involved in the fight against malaria:
We can't live in a world that just sits by and watches millions of children die every year from a preventable disease. The numbers of deaths are staggering. This is a plague of Biblical proportions, but unlike Biblical plagues, it doesn't have a defined end. It goes on and on. Yet we not only don't see front-page stories about it; we don't see news stories about it. Since I became aware of the scope of malaria a few months ago, I've been trying to do everything I can. And the people in the hedge-fund community are trying to do everything they can, because this is an emergency situation.
Laifer's doing his bit and even I, a notorious tight-arse, have made a donation so really you have no excuse for not doing something...

Malaria specific charitable donations can be made at the Malaria Foundation International. (The Lambert recommended, United Nations administered, The Global Fund allocates only 31% of expenditures to fighting malaria.)


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