Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lack of writing talent no hindrance for anti-Israel Lefty

My writing is at best serviceable in that I can, at the very least, make a point unambiguously. On the other hand, damn near everything media darling Antony Loewenstein writes is mangled and requires interpretation. For example:
Last night’s large event in Sydney to support the right of Wikileaks to publish material was a huge success. Thousands turned up to hear speakers chastise the Australian government for shamefully bowing down to America’s wishes over Julian Assange.
Soon after Sydney’s Marrickville council announced in December to embrace boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel to force the Jewish state to abide by international law — Greens and Labor councillors supported the move — federal Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese entered the debate.
Preceded by this Loewenstein language-mangling classic:
This is the state of human rights against faceless asylum seekers in Australia.
It's beyond me how Loewenstein makes a living writing this rubbish.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

"It's beyond me how Loewenstein makes a living writing this rubbish."

Depends how you define "A living".

He's not exactly getting around in Armani...

2:59 AM  

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