Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Slow News

Petra Starke, Social Media Reporter for's piece: "Outrage over fake Jetstar Facebook page" contains screen captures of comments to a Facebook page originating from  a fake Jetstar account.

One of those comments was apparently posted "a few seconds ago", yet captured for the article. How convenient.

Reddit readers are calling shenanigans.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Responsible Parenting II

Moments after suggesting The Arabs love their children less than they hate the Jews comes this delightful example of parenting was sent to me.
The entire city of Aleppo,Syria was in a state of shock after an accidental killing of a man by his own child.

The incident occurred at a wedding party in Aleppo late last Sunday,when the father(aged 33) traditionally heralded the arrival of the bridegroom into the party with a gunshot fired into the air from his 9mm military pistol.

He stood up and kept the pistol on the table nearby and did not notice his little son who stood nearby.The child took the gun in his hand and playfully pointed it to the left side of his father's abdomen.He seems to have accidentally pulled the trigger on the unsuspecting guy.

It being the Internet of course, here is the video.

Presumably I will be called "racist" for suggesting this is a 'tradition' which has passed its use by date.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Arabs Love their Children less than they Hate the Jews...

The text:
One adult has been killed and at least 10 teenagers injured after Israeli soldiers opened fire at the Gaza-Israel border, Gaza medical authorities claimed. The incident happened east of the city of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza. The clashes erupted after a group of Palestinian farmers wandered into the disputed 300-meter buffer zone along the border
Thanks to lots of Palestinian iPhones (a typical feature of any "concentration camp" or "open air prison) here's the video.

When machine guns come out, any parent who actually cared about their child would get the hell out of there fast.

Palestinians instead shout "Allah Akhbar" and await their child's martyrdom.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

What a Wonderful State it Would Be...

The Palestinian Ambassador to Britain says:
“We (the Palestinians) are the only, the only, country in the Middle East that are practicing democracy par excellence.” (Via: Richard Millett)
I was wondering where the Iraqi Information Minister had ended up. Now I know.

Here's a delightful example of the democracy par excellence recently served up by Palestinian democrats.

Yes, when they elected Hamas the Palestinians had a single "fair" election as we are frequently reminded by various Useful Idiots. Prior to the election, Hamas members threw their opponents off rooftops. Since then, in between trying to murder Jews, they have proceeded to kill their opponents, branding them "collaborators" in order to silence any dissent.

He continues, with a straight face:
"I think they (Israel) should be lucky to have the Palestinians as their neighbours.”
Why does the Western media continue to take these lying Arab propagandists seriously? The answer: Jews.

Friday, November 23, 2012

21st Century Technology for the 7th Century

Saudi Arabia is using electronic tracking technology to notify men of when their women leave the Kingdom.
RIYADH — Denied the right to travel without consent from their male guardians and banned from driving, women in Saudi Arabia are now monitored by an electronic system that tracks any cross-border movements.
Since last week, Saudi women’s male guardians began receiving text messages on their phones informing them when women under their custody leave the country, even if they are travelling together.
Manal al-Sherif, who became the symbol of a campaign launched last year urging Saudi women to defy a driving ban, began spreading the information on Twitter, after she was alerted by a couple.
I'm sure the 'human rights activists' and 'freedom flotillas' will be getting right onto this just as soon as they're done with Israel...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Useless Nations

Just in case you still thought the useless, morally bankrupt UN had any reasonable role to play in the Middle East:
On at least 20 separate occasions this year, the Israeli government appealed to the UN to take action against Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, in letters sent to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the President of the Security Council.

In these letters, Israel urged the United Nations to act against repeated rockets attacks from Gaza against Israeli civilians, and, at a minimum, to speak out and condemn the attacks.

“Inaction today could help ignite an escalation of conflict tomorrow,” Israel warned the UN, while exercising astonishing measures of restraint that no other country facing a similar onslaught of rockets has ever shown.

The UN never responded. Well, until Israel did something.

Foux Du Fafa

Some disgusting drunken bogan abused a French woman on a Melbourne Bus for singing (In French). The offender subsequently smashed a bus window. Video of the incident has gone viral. The usual suspects are talking about Australian Racism and as usual they are "Ashamed to be Australian". It worries the hell out of me that the man in question has children. People like this actually breed and I daresay are financially rewarded for doing so. Those children have a pretty bleak future. Also, since when were French people considered a race?

Update: It's the Government's fault!

Surely the shameful incident on the Melbourne bus on November 11 where a French woman suffered racial abuse can be partly traced back to the way both sides of federal politics have treated asylum seekers. The demonisation they have received must eventually filter down to the simple-minded redneck in the community.
Dallas Fraser Mudgeeraba (Qld)
Yes. Because the "simple-minded rednecks" watch Q&A, Question Time and listen to Alan Jones... 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


"National Living Treasure" Michael Leunig, whose work inadvertently received honourable mention in the Iranian Holocaust Denial cartoon contest has this in today's Age.

Awww.... Leunig's relentless support for the Palestinians and disgraceful attacks on Israel result in "hateful mail". How precious! What exactly is the "hostility and trouble" he's expecting?

Leunig may care to draw a cartoon of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed for a change and contrast the response.

Upset Jews are a lot safer for a cartoonist.

No Penny Bunger

Here is video of a Palestinian fired rocket landing in Tel-Aviv.

Two things to keep in mind:

1) Despite Useful Idiots insisting the Palestinian rockets are 'home made' and/or harmless, these things are actual weapons. Imagine what they would have imported if Israel hadn't blockaded them.

2) Israel has had thousands of rockets fired at it. Thousands. Nobody said a word until Israel responded at which point they demanded "restraint". Restraint is doing nothing while rockets are fired at you. Israel showed more "restraint" than any other country, many of whom would have gone in and flattened whole cities in response.

Those who demand Israel back off never offer any suitable solution. Jews simply dying is not an acceptable alternative.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Heads Up

The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority Roads and Maritime Services has a helpful FAQ for the recently introduced mobile phone laws.

How will making people mount mobile phones to make a call improve road safety?

The new rules around mobile phone use are designed to stop people looking down at a phone in their hand, which means they take their eyes off the road and stop concentrating on driving safely. Requiring mobile phones to be mounted on the dash means that drivers heads remain up and they keep facing the road while operating phones.
The only reason people ever looked down at phones is because they were trying to keep them out of sight due to previous laws banning their use whilst driving. They have introduced new laws to reduce the danger of hazards caused by previous laws. It is clear we need more laws...

The site discusses the huge threat posed:

How prevalent are mobile phones as a cause of crashes and fatalities on our road?

The truth is we don’t know exactly. While we have some statistics, the fact is they rely on people to self-report that they were using a phone at the time of a crash, which is not in their best interests legally. This means the involvement of mobile phone use in causing crashes is severely underreported. [sic] You only need to drive on any road in Australia to regularly see people on their phones while driving, which is dangerous to themselves and other road users.
Like "speed", it's completely non-quantifiable and makes for wonderful ad campaigns and fines revenue with no discernible improvement on safety.

Previous thoughts here.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mohammed Blows

It must annoy Islamist despots and evil overlords elsewhere that Israel and the Vast Zionist Conspiracy constantly gets all the credit for tsunamis, shark attacks, and of course destroying the world's banks and governments.

So it's nice to see Islamists finally taking some credit. In this case, in Syria where pro-government supporters claim Hurricane Sandy is the result of high-tech secret engineering from Iran.

Well played fellas. The Zionist regime will have to lift its game.

ABC Sinks Deeper

After Antony Loewenstein sneered that six million Jews should die, Andrew Bolt noted the ABC still treats this man as an honored guest. They sure do. Here he is on ABC News24. The ABC's news service is a joke.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Ahmed Jabari was the Hamas terrorist murderer "Militant" killed in an Israeli surgical airstrike.

Via Aussie Dave, Hamas' latest 'Facebook update'...

Pallywood II (Electric Boogaloo)

Palestinian terrorist propagandists and their useful-idiot Western Twitter allies have been caught out again, using fake photos to try and demonise Israel.

In this case, photos of dead babies they claimed were killed by eeeevil Israel.

Except they weren't. They were killed by Syrians. As with all Muslim on Muslim violence, you probably didn't read about it...

Stupid for Palestine

The Orwellian named "Stop the War Coalition" (who never say anything when it's only Muslims doing the killing) have organised a demo:
The Palestine Action Group has initiated this rally to condemn Israel’s most recent aggression against the Gaza Strip and is calling for broad endorsement for it. The rally will assemble at Town Hall before marching on the offices of the Israeli and US consulates.
There is no Israeli consulate in Sydney. You could try walking to the Embassy in Canberra.
Get in touch on 0412 139 968 if your organisation would like to support or endorse this rally.
Reebok and Nike should be calling any minute...

Fairfax Can't Distinguish Good from Evil

This letter was published in the Fairfax Age, a newspaper known for its hostillity toward Israel.
THE posting of the killing of the Hamas leader in an ''infotainment video game''-style by the Israeli state is as much of a moral outrage as the videos showing beheadings and killings of Americans and journalists posted by al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups.
This man may have been an enemy of Israel but his muted country has been occupied for 50 years and he is a man, an uncle, a son, a brother and a father, not a media opportunity.
YouTube is owned by Google; if you would like to show your disgust at the publication and promotion of this murder on its service, I suggest you use a different search engine. There are plenty out there. State-sanctioned murder as entertainment is not acceptable.
Peter Topping, North Melbourne

Thanks, but I'll stick with Google. The Age apparently can't see any difference between the targeted killing of a man responsible for initiating rocket attacks on civilians, and the murder of a journalist whose only 'crime' was being a Jew.

I wonder how the journalists at The Age (those still with jobs) feel about this?

In The Age's sister publication the Sydney Morning Herald, the moral equivalence continues with an over-length rambling letter published from a wannabe "Loewenstein" who raises questionable Jewish heritage to try and add credibility to a weak argument:

If Australia is truly a secular and independent state, it would examine Israel's policies for what they are and condemn them as racist, akin to apartheid and fascism. Being of Jewish descent myself, I had hoped that a people who have suffered as much as the Jews would not become perpetrators of the same wrongs done to them in the past. But it is not the Jews who are perpetrators here: it is Israel. It is very important to make this distinction.

Hamas do not make any such distinction. Islamist terrorists who attack Jewish kindergartens and synagogues worldwide do not make any such distinction. Fairfax wants us to. It's pretty obvious why.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Young, White Moron

Antony Loewenstein:
Rupert Murdoch is an old white man who likes old white men on Fox News
No, he likes experienced, award winning journalists and commentators, Antony but by all means, submit your resume.

And what's with the Old White Men meme again, Antony? As Tim Blair previously pointed out to young Antony:
Loewenstein’s heroes—John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, and Robert Fisk—might flinch at that “old white males” line.


Proportionate Response

Israel has been hit daily by attacks from Hamas Islamists. Naturally the left and the Israel-haters have had nothing at all to say about it.

As Melanie Phillips said:
Rocket attacks on Israelis are not news; Israeli military action to defend Israel against such attacks is
Read it all.

Now that Israel has (once again) had enough and responded (mainly by killing a mass murdering terrorist), standby for endless wailing about their "disproportionate response".

For most of those obsessed with demonising Israel, any response at all (other than Jews quietly dying) is considered disproporionate. However thanks to Hamas, we know exactly what the correct balance is.

Hamas offered to release captured Israeli Gilad Shalit in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners.

So there you have it.

Red Vex

In a discussion with a former court prosecutor who said "It's easier to get off a murder charge than a parking ticket these days", I learned that Australian "traffic enforcement" (speed camera) company Redflex has gotten itself into serious trouble in Chicago.
The decision to label Redflex ineligible for the pending city contract came two days after a Tribune report detailed how the company improperly paid a $910 luxury hotel tab for the city official who oversaw its program and disciplined one of its own top executives but failed to tell the city about the 2010 incident until this month. The company also did not disclose its internal investigation of broader questions about the company's relationship with the city official.
"I find that Redflex's failure to timely report this incident to the city is unacceptable behavior and is a failure by Redflex to act in the city's best interest," Jamie L. Rhee, Emanuel's chief procurement officer, said in a letter sent to Redflex on Tuesday.
This is somewheatIt only received a passing mention in the SMH Business pages. I won't be shedding any tears for the company.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What is it with Labor Luvvies telling Abbott what to do?

Judy Hungerford in The Australian:
It would be a big mistake to assume Tony Abbott's ratings are dropping largely as a result of "relentless attacks" on his character.
Abbott is unpopular because he is seen as having no policies and because he looks ridiculous for his endless carbon-price panic stories.
It is hard for him to be viewed as a credible PM-in-waiting.
Judy Hungerford, Crows Nest, NSW
Why would any opposition leader announce policies more than a year before an election, giving the Government time to pre-empt them? 

In a previous letter, Ms Hungerford made it perfectly clear that she would never vote for Abbott, or I suspect, the Liberals.
AILSA Lennox (Letters, 16/10) is displaying her own hypocrisy when she complains that Labor MPs will accept Peter Slipper's vote.
Is she really unaware that the Opposition has also said it will accept Slipper's vote despite Tony Abbott saying "It's clear that this Speaker is no longer a fit and proper person to uphold the dignity of the Parliament. You indicate your unfitness for high office as well."
It speaks volumes that one minute the Coalition is baying for Slipper's blood by moving a motion of no confidence and hey presto, the very next minute it says it will accept his vote.
That is hypocrisy.
Judy Hungerford, Crows Nest, NSW
The difference between Liberal voters and Labor voters, is that Liberals point out problems with the Labor party. Whereas Labor luvvies presume to tell the Liberals how to manage their own party. Over the next year, there will be endless calls from the rusted-on Labor tragics telling the Libs to roll Tony Abbott and replace him with Malcolm Turnbull. They still won't vote Liberal, of course.

All Tony Abbott really needs to do between now and an election, is wait, and not screw up.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lancing Clover

Adelaide has moved to take back the key to the city from disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.

I'm sure Armstrong was devastated.

Sydney should go one better and truly show contempt for Armstrong by ripping out all its bike lanes.

Vexnews: Bob Brown, Liar

Vexnews calls it:
Former Greensparty leader, retired Senator Bob Brown had a good run all day Sunday with the story that he had been “banned” from visiting Rwanda, the African country emerging from epic violence that the world initially ignored.
It was reported by AAP and then distributed on dozens of websites across the country:

However, it appears Brown has not been “banned” from visiting Rwanda on political grounds...

A website familiar with the situation, Rwanda Responds, which routinely challenges misleading reporting about the African country, explains that Brown’s application for a visa ran into difficulty because he falsely claimed not to have visited Rwanda previously.
Approval of Mr Brown’s visa application was withheld because the claim in his application not to have visited Rwanda previously appears to contradict records held by Rwandan immigration authorities.
Bob Brown was intending to support the nascent "Democratic Green Party" of Rwanda.  As a general rule, any political party or nation with the word "Democratic" in its title, isn't.

Time for Another Payrise

Antony Loewenstein dispenses some advice:
The job of a real journalist is to be skeptical of establishment power.
This from someone who has not actually held down a regular job in journalism. Perhaps he's due for another payrise.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

No More Mocha Frappuccino for Poley Bear...

The UK Telegraph warns:
Rising global temperatures and subtle changes in seasonal conditions could make 99.7 per cent of Arabica-growing areas unsuitable for the plant by 2080, according to a new study by researchers from Kew Gardens.

Arabica is one of only two species of bean used to make coffee and is by far the most popular, accounting for 70 per cent of the global market including almost all fresh coffee sold in high street chains and supermarkets in the US and most of Europe. 
If only someone would link climate change to tobacco deforestation, Tim Blair might get on board.

The report continues:
Even if the beans do not disappear completely from the wild, climate change is highly likely to impact on yields and the taste of coffee beans in future decades, they added.
As opposed to say, this.